Our history....

Our STORY....

Polyvi (Paul) & Fanos (Frank) are two brothers born in Famagusta Cyprus. With Cyprus just coming out of a war and not much money in their pockets but fueled with the determination and drive to make better lives for themselves they decided to start a new life in Bristol, with Fanos coming over first, starting a family and building foundations and Polyvi joining him shortly after. Polyvi and Fanos were inseparable, living next door to each other, same cars, same passion for food. They were a great team with the same work hard to get somewhere ethics and a talent for cooking making them the perfect recipe for success.


They originally started work at a the famous Greek restaurant in Bristol called "The Famagusta". After a while they decided they should try opening a place of their own.


They went on to open a restaurant called "Le Chalut" which was in a basement and part of a hotel called "Seeley's" on St Paul's Rd in the area of Clifton serving fine dining french cuisine. After learning all they can from there they wanted to move onto something bigger and street level. With hard work and help from their family they decided to purchase a restaurant on Park Street in 1979 and named it the "All In One".

The All In One became famous for a few factors, great tasting food, value for money, open all hours and the iconic pond in the middle of the seating area. These were the golden times in the same era of the much loved Benny's Pizza plus & Mistys night club, other places you may also remember and visited from back in the day would be the The Mauritania, McClusky's, Wedgies, Brasserie Pier, Mayflower, Cattlemans and Brandons.

All in one had began to build a reputation for being the perfect family spot during the day and the place to be after a night out on the town.

Over the years it has undergone many refurbishments to keep up with the times, stay fresh and bring in new generations but still until this day maintains its key elements:- Large portions of honest tasty home cooked food with a Greek and English fusion at a great price.


It continues to use the same recipes cooked by Polyvi and Fanos that were handed down from family members like Auntie Niki in Cyprus.

It is still a family run restaurant and is currently still run by Polyvi himself where he still does a lot of the cooking. We have brought new concepts to the table now serving Mezze, Tapas, Vegan dishes and kids meals all of which are presented with a new modern look, but don't worry we still sell all our classics like our famous massive Omelettes, 16oz T-bone steak, Kleftiko, Moussaka, Souvlaki and more. Our menu is Authentic Cypriot infused with Retro Classic British, we are also fully licensed serving cocktails, great wines and local beers in our cool comfy lounge bar.

What we love most is watching yet another family generation join us for a meal and sometimes seeing as much as four generations on one table reminiscing the times they have all had here at the All In One in the past 41 years.

We thank you all for your support and look forward to spending another 41 years together.